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love story unfolds at berkeley bowl (unedited)

Sep. 17th, 2009 | 05:31 pm

yesterday afternoon, i went to the new berkeley bowl west and while picking tomatoes, a lady commented on my perfume and asked what it was. i told her it was Chloe, and she commented that it was the perfect scent for me to wear and that her teenage daughters wore Channel. i then found myself talking to her about various perfumes, brand names, etc (yay, the girly girl in me came out). even though neither of us looked like the type that would get too excited about brand names, i think we both believed we were classy without the brand. so there in the middle of the tomato isle, we get go of our produce and talked about this and that and the conversation got really good when she told me she was french and bam (yes I am a francophile) she got my undivided attention if she didn't before. she then started telling me that she met her husband when she came to the US on vacation, and that was the story of the decade. he was talk dark with blue eyes and handsome as she was petite and dark and beautiful. his father was dating someone from her family. he asked her out right then and there and they had the best time sightseeing in SF, then he took her to dinner for a 2nd date, and she found herself having such a great time again, he was unlike anyone else she's ever met and she could be herself but still have a ball of fun with him. he was also a gentleman who didn't try anything some other guy would upon meeting a beautiful girl. she knew he was someone special so that she had gone to a store earlier that day and bought him a cologne as a good bye gift, the funny thing is, she received a bottle of perfume from him that night as well. and they realized that they bought the gifts at the same time, at the same store earlier that day! needless to say, she had to leave to go back to france, but he followed her a month later, and proposed, they got married in spain at the rock of gibraltar. she took out an old black and white photo from her purse and showed me proudly, it was a small picture of her parents of what must've been taken when they were in their 20's, very classic parisian look. and her mom was a classic beauty. many years later, she has two daughters who wear channel perfume, and a cartful of produce to go home and cook for her husband and daughters. she then stared into my eyes and told me to hope for a great love to come, kissed me on the cheek and hurried off to pay and pick up her daughters from school.

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For the romantic in all of us

Sep. 2nd, 2009 | 12:16 am

At my age, having strong possibilities of not finding the one in the immediate future, I'm still vowing to be a hopeless romantic, so started my collection of love stories of real life couples to inspire the possibility and hope. Read on.


As you know... well, those that have been following "our story" since we met, we've gone through some unusual ways for us to get here and now.. and where we'll be in September. We actually believe our story as a fairy tale and it really was one considering how we met, knowing where we had come from and where we were at the time we met. I was born in Korea, moved to California at the age of 15, somehow made my way into working for an architectural firm, Rossetti in LA, but based in Michigan. He was born in Italy, moved to Canada at the age of 11, made his way into studying and working in Michigan and started working at Rossetti just recently before we met in Michigan. Read more...Collapse )

Story source here

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ready to update again

Aug. 5th, 2009 | 01:40 am

i do miss the intimacy and details of blogging over the quickness and randomness of twitter. did anyone miss me? want to keep reading my stuff?

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Jul. 7th, 2009 | 04:04 pm

trying to write more but not having the time, follow me on twitter for the meantime! see you all soon!




yep, i got two of 'em! :)

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the difference

Jun. 8th, 2009 | 11:25 pm

in time of trials, one often finds herself growing by leaps and bounds, but it's not by her choice. funny how things work, when swimming against current, one often works harder and thinks deeper.

over the last few months, i grew up from a girl to a woman.

i've been learning the difference between being a perfectionist versus someone that keeps on trekking despite of difficulties. and the perfectionist cannot measure up to the one that keeps going.

i've been learning to stay optimistic despite of all negative feedback around me.

i've been learning to navigate the friends that matter versus those that suck up my time and energies.

i've been learning to appreciate myself and give myself proper credit when it's due.

i've been learning to ask for help when i really need it.

i've been learning that it's okay to have a good cry and it's when i feel the most vulnerable, that i'm most receptive to God's healing and miracles.

the lessons keep coming and i'm content to receive them daily.

life is rewarding and i'm waiting for the little fruits to come slowly as i build and wait.

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Your life passion = career path = free work now = money later?

May. 18th, 2009 | 04:40 pm

True or False:

If you have a long term passion to do something, do it for free first, and the money will come!

Random example: Say you have discovered you have a passion for enabling and encouraging people around you to live their fullest potential. And as you keep doing it you find so much fulfillment, and at the same time you keep getting affirmation by others that you do it well. During this process you realize you love it more than the job you get paid to do. Then, someday, you decide to switch your career to pursue being a life coach.

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Bay to Breakers

May. 18th, 2009 | 12:13 pm

I've been quite the social butterfly even tho' I'm still withdrawn from my travels. What can I say, internally I'm trying to make sense of my experiences, externally, I'm still gathering new experiences. The butterfly is in the cocoon half the time and fluttering about the rest of the time enjoying what life has to offer me back home.

This weekend I went to the famous Bay to Breakers, a crazy funky, "anything goes" costumed 12K race in San Francisco.

The race was started in 1912 to lift the City's spirits after the disastrous 1906 earthquake. And by me attending it this year, it definitely serve the purpose of lifting my spirits after my earth-shakin' worldly travel experience.

2009 B2B Classic Moments (in no particular order):

1. Running into a couple of out of town German dudes at the finish point asking us: "What is this big crowd running around dressed weirdly about?"

2. On the MUNI, listening to a completely trashed dude's drunk-dial conversation.

3. Walking by a drunk and oblivious dude peeing on the sidewalk as he got off the MUNI.

4. Enduring weird dudes' random pickup lines as we walked toward Mile 7.

5. Spotting original and crazy costumes such as Sasquatch, Octomom, and woman mimicking a windblown car dealership sign (you had to see it).

6. Passing out (due to exhaustion, not drunkenness mind you) on the lawn at the food bazaar.

7. Popping the "YELP human float" balloons with fellow Yelpers.

B2B is a classic San Francisco event! It never ceases to bemuse me of all the classiness to be taken in.

Thanks to the 2009 B2B participants, I took in plenty of weird sights and sounds that entertained me all of 7 miles plus the MUNI ride. Till next year!

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she's back

May. 14th, 2009 | 11:56 am

a three months hiatus away from lj finds me missing the need to blog about my ever increasing listlessness.

today i am without a job, a man, and a vision for tomorrow. today i feel like i have no reason to get up from my bed to face the sunshine and all promises of a new day feel empty to me. today i feel weak and disorganized, today i think about all that i've experienced in the last few months and don't know what to do with it all. hopefully, today passes quickly and brings hope and direction for tomorrow.

in the last 3 months i got laid off from my marketing manager job, packed up my bags and traveled to Southeast Asia for a month. it was the most spontaneous and dreamy vacation i've ever went on.

hong kong

those countries were charming to the max. i visited, fell in love, and when it was time to leave it was painful to tear me apart from each town, memory, and the traveling companions i befriended.

today i am back in oakland and trying to make sense of it all again. so the mental struggle and physical journey continues.

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thought for today

Mar. 2nd, 2009 | 09:22 pm

i'm never someone that can completely let go of her inhibitions and enjoy the moment without worrying about the consequences.

does that make me a good girl?

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i love fb

Feb. 7th, 2009 | 12:08 am

why do i love facebook, because at the touch of a keystroke, i get to catch up with someone from my childhood, highschool, college or post college years. it makes keeping in touch so easy and fun!

tonite i spent typing away at my keyboard catching up with a few friends from highschool. in the last few years, i have forgotten highschool like a bad movie. it was memorable but provincial. but facebook brought me back to those days of growing up in a town where 75% of the year you spent shivering. the days where darkness calls and the sun begs, the days where i wore a skirt to school everyday and tried my best to maintain my "0" detention record. the days where being bad meant chewing gum and getting inches close to boys. so i was good, too good. too good to talk to any boys. i maintained my a's and ate my balona sandwiches, i listened to my teachers, turned my homework on time and did what i was told.

tonite i caught up on the memories and got some of the untold stories from a few acs class of '97 alumni's. one of which, my former best friend, now a mother of three and wife of a coast guard firefighter who lives in kodiak island, alaska.

" it was so cool to catch up with you like this. I really do cherish all of our memories together. You were a wonderful friend and even though we don't live near each other now I know that in eternity we will be able to make all kinds of new and amazing memories. I will ask Jesus to build our mansions right next to each other so we can be neighbors."

her message to me to say goodbye was as sweet as she ever was. missie deloose, dorky, funny and annoying at times. i remembered her big rimmed glasses and toothy smile. her following me around like a puppydog and us cracking jokes and making fun of boys. none of us thought she'd be the first of all of us to get married and have kids. i miss our innocent days and careless wonder.

this deserves another entry. but i wanted to write and capture the remnance of this sweet feeling from catching up with highschool friends.

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