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I took the good times, I'll take the bad times

I'll take you just the way you are

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10 February
I'm a dreamer, a realist, a wonderer, a world-traveler, an artist, a philosopher, a romantic, a sanguine, a melancholy and many things rolled in to one. I'm a true INFP in every sense of the word. I'm someone that loves romance, sappy movies and books that make me stain my pillows, writing and reflecting the big questions in life, and most of all always striving for inspiration, living out my dreams and finding true love and settling for nothing less than what my heart, soul and gut tells me is true.

This journal accounts some highlights and great moments of my journey to happiness.

About 35% of this journal is friends-only. (And how did I arrive at 35% being the number? I suppose it's an educated guess.)

I'm a marketing communications professional by day, a fun-loving free spirit by night and a freelance graphic designer on the side.

Educated as: "Computer graphics major"
Soon-to-be: "Globgrotting, free-to-roam freelancer"
Currently: "Task master"
Always: "Exercising my creative voice"
Tried: "Having a blank slate"
Believes: "There are more adventures to be had"
Thinks you should: "Blog more"
Wants-to-be: "Professional travel writer/blogger"
Shouldn't be allowed to: "Talk on the phone while driving without my headset"
Was once: "In somebody's arms"
Forevermore: "Loved by God and man"

"To know you have enough is to be rich."

"Open your heart to "what is" instead of insisting that life be a certain way."

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